Enhancing Lives through Equine-Assisted Therapies

Bond with the majesty, love and power of horses to heal through your mental, social and physical challenges

Our Purpose

The mission at Reins of Hope is to enhance lives, provide solace, rejuvenation and healing for children and adults with physical, mental, emotional and social challenges through equine-assisted activities and therapies

Create Emotional Connections

Horses and other Equines are deeply emotional animals that bond with their riders and handlers. Reins of Hope helps you discover this bond on a deeply personal level.

Encourage Positive Healing

The process of riding and interacting with Equines has many physical, mental and social benefits that can lead to improvements in core strength, clarity of mind and renewed confidence in self.

Building Self-Confidence

The skill of handling a horse requires a strength of self and a connection through the animal. As such, learning those skills will build you up as you grow and develop with your equine counselor.

Working with our partners lets us help more people. Their support makes all the difference!

Your Support Makes a Difference

What we Offer

Why Horses?

Horses are known in their ability to bring about meaningful change in a human’s attitude and behavior. The movement of the horse has so much to offer the rider. Its rhythmic walk, gently rolling shoulders and hips. The horse gives the rider constant sensory integration and a great workout.

Horses naturally respond to who you are, how you feel, what you think and what you do. Their reactions help humans to be present, in the moment, and to see themselves as they really are. They work with you to allow you to quickly discover and identify where you need help most.

Truly horses are the best Life Coaches and Therapists one could ask for!

Our Underlying Magic

You Can Make a Difference

Meet our Counselors


He stands at 15.2 hands and is our Alpha Arabian gelding.  He takes his job seriously to keep the herd organized and safe.  He is a very accomplished endurance racing champion and serves the program as a great at liberty horse or a fun ride for an experienced rider.

Louie Hamilton

The true boss of the land comes in the form of a miniature donkey.  He is our youngest but loudest member of the herd.  He also takes his job seriously to keep the herd safe from coyotes, dogs, and any other wildlife that may roam into the pasture.  Our volunteers and riders all love this small package of fun and he loves them just as much.  He to taking his job seriously pulls a cart built for two!


Our 14.2 hand chestnut Arabian mare packs a lot into her small frame.  She is an endurance racing champion but also our trustworthy therapeutic teammate as she teaches so many the free feeling of riding independently.

Rising Creek Farm

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You can donate any amount to Reins of Hope Nonprofit using the following link.

Reins of Hope is a Certified 501c3 Nonprofit and you will receive an invoice for your payment, once completed.

If you have any questions, please contact Becky Bunnell at beckybunnell@reinsofhope.org

Your donation to Reins of Hope allows us to offer adaptive/ therapeutic riding at low to no cost to participants. We understand the great expense these families are facing as they are on a life long journey of therapies and most are not covered by insurance.

Contact:  Becky Bunnell

Email:  beckybunnell@reinsofhope.org

Address: 3055 Nancy Creek Rd, Atlanta, GA 30327

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