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Reins of Hope specializes Equine-Assisted Therapy to treat a variety of issues, faced by people of all ages, relating to physical, mental, emotional and social challenges.

What we Offer

Reins of Hope offers multiple services in Equine-Assisted Therapy to treat a variety of issues. We also offer specially developed programs designed around the recovery and rehabilitation of female breast cancer survivors. Reins of Hope also offers special group and individual services to help with the development of learning processes and life skills to help people grow emotionally and professionally.

Adaptive Riding

Reins of Hope offers adaptive riding to all ages and abilities. While learning riding skills, adapted to their ability, the participants also learn to bond with these amazing creatures. The movement of the horse has so much to offer the rider as well. With its rhythmic walk, gently rolling shoulders and hips, the horse gives the rider constant sensory integration. The riding skills are taught with the rider’s ability in mind and then adaptations are made to help the rider reach their goals. The horse offers many therapeutic benefits to the rider including physical movement that increases core strength as well as improves posture and strengthens the entire body.

Breast Cancer Wellness

This program was developed specifically for women living through breast cancer. It has proven to be successful in helping participants regain confidence, improve posture, increase flexibility, strengthen the core and spine as well as lower heart rates and increase oxygen levels. Horses are amazing breathing coaches and have so much to offer through their movement.

Equine Facilitated Learning

Through Equine Facilitated Learning the participant works with the horse to develop life skills for personal, educational or professional growth. These activities do not involve riding the horse, but through interactions with the horse much self awareness is discovered.

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